Natural Health

The body and mind yearn to be in perfect harmony with each other and with the outside world. To find your own flavor of balance, we present to you a carefully researched list of practices that will assist in your journey to Living Natural.

Here is a compiled list of suggestions for you, from the believers of natural health and living.

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Do you believe in Natural Health?

#LiveNatural My formula for #NaturalHealth is to drink water which is pure & clean like Himalayan & to stay away from aerated cold drinks that are harmful to health. My formula is also to stay positive in life & to be happy & satisfied with what I have. I do exercise & yoga to keep myself fit. I also eat lots fresh fruits & vegetable that provide me with all the nourishment to stay healthy.
-Josephine Sequeira



How do you stay healthy, Naturally? #Natural Health

#LiveNatural #NaturalHealth I stay naturally healthy by starting my day with light Exercise and Yoga and little warm ups. Then I pledge to drink at least 4 liters of Water in a day and not to eat junk food so that I won’t be spending on chemical Loaded Cosmetics. Being in a busy schedule, I try to Meditate also whenever gets time. Otherwise just take Deep Breaths by holding and releasing slowly.It gives me freshness and energy to my brain. Chanting of Prayers and one thing I always do is Use of Skin friendly and Natural products. I try to use Eco friendly products which are safe to be disposed of in the environment. I have planted some medicinal herbs in my Kitchen Garden. Also I like cooking and try to make different dishes which are healthy, especially focusing on green vegetables,as well as tasty at home only. In the evening or at night, if gets time.I go for a Walk with family. Also I strive for the Balance of my Mind by trying not to distract it with daily chores and mental tensions if happen and focus on my goals and keep my mind Calm and free. By this way I keep myself and my family members Naturally healthy. At last, Its the responsibility of us homemakers only to keep their family members in the vicinity of nature keep them hail and healthy.
-DrNupur Gupta

#NaturalHealth Spend at least 1 hour at gym daily which would strengthen your muscles and improves your self-esteem.Drink a lot of water at least 2-2.5 liters a day. More if you work out. Try to eat fruit rather than drink juice.Try to substitute white foods such as white rice, bread, and pasta for brown bread, rice and pasta.When you work out,don’t drink sports drinks. Drink a lot of One coconut water . If You Also Want To Look Beautiful So Its Necessary That Your Heart Is Fair & Your Attitude Is Positive To Everybody Don’t Jealous To Anybody.If You Think All The People In This World Are Good So Your Mind Will Set In A Positive Mode & you become healthy not only by heart but also by mental level . Your Body Fill With Positive Energy & You become healthy . Your Daily Routine And Daily Food Should Be Balance.
-Chakresh Jain

1. Choose Organic food
2. Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup
3. always think positive
4.Go for morning walk daily
5.Play with small children
6.Do Yoga daily vegetarian food
8.go for cycling at least for half an hour #NaturalHealth
-Sudhir Kumar

1. Plan and prepare your meals for the week. You have enough to do in the morning without worrying about packing a nutritious lunch, and it’s all too easy to grab something from the corner deli on your break. Spare your waistline  and your wallet! The extra damage by preparing your lunches for the week (and dinners, too!) ahead of time.Sundays are a great day to plan out your weekly meals for those of us who work during the week. Divide a giant salad into daily lunch portions to store in your fridge, and hard boil a dozen eggs for easy, protein-packed snacking.
2. Drink smoothies. Invest in a decent blender, and you’ll find you can instantly transform your diet. There’s no easier way to load up on crucial nutrients like the ones you’ll find in spinach, kale, or flax seed than throwing them into a delicious fruit smoothie. And the options are endless… You can add protein powder to boost your intake and really make your meals count. Smoothies also make the perfect quick and portable breakfast, leaving you with no excuse not to start each day off right.
3. Sleep smart. Getting a solid night’s sleep each night is the key to keeping your body and mind in tip-top shape. But with everything else you have going on in your life, those all-important eight hours can be tough to come by. Good news: Research shows that even if you’re only getting six or seven (or less) hours of shut-eye, you can maximize your time in bed by timing your alarm clock so that you wake up between sleep cycles instead of in the middle of one.
4. Log your workouts. Nothing has made my training more effective than printing out a schedule, hanging it on my wall, and checking off workouts as I complete them. Making a vague goal like, “I need to exercise more,” is good in theory, but with no plan of action or timetable, it’s incredibly tough to stick to.Find a workout or training program that fits your fitness goals and your schedule (even if it’s only walking 30 minutes three times a week), and write it down on a calendar. You can always make adjustments if you have conflicts, but having a tangible workout plan will up your personal accountability and help motivate you to get moving.
5. Make grocery lists. Along the same lines as writing down your workout schedule, you should get in the habit of always writing down what you need before you get to the grocery store and are tempted by all the sweet treats in fancy packaging. Plan out the meals you want to make for the week and all the ingredients you will need. When you are at the store, buy only the items on your list. And don’t be swayed by tricky marketing and clearance sales. The best way to start eating better is to shop better. Once your fridge is filled only with healthy options, you’ll find it much easier to stick to the right foods.
6. Drink more water. If there’s one effortless way to make a huge difference in your health, it’s drinking water. By substituting sugary drinks (or, God forbid, soda) for water, you can cut hundreds of calories a week. Staying properly hydrated also promotes kidney function, improves your skin’s appearance, and keeps your muscles energized. Carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times to make sure you always have some on hand. Set markers throughout the day to remind yourself to keep drinking. (You may even burn some extra calories from all those trips to the bathroom!)
7. De-stress. Your mental and emotional health can have a big impact on your physical health as well, and extra stress causes hormones, which allow us to gain weight more easily, not to mention trigger stress eating.Make sure you’re setting aside a few hours a week to collect yourself. Whether it’s yoga classes, some self-guided meditation, or just deep breathing, taking the time to tune out all the distractions of your daily life can make a world of difference and allow you to focus better the rest of the time.
8. Don’t smoke. This should really go without saying, but smoking cigarettes is arguably one of the worst things you can do for you health. Even “social smoking” can contribute to the multitude of negative effects of smoking including breathing problems, yellow teeth, lung disease and, of course, cancer.
9. Floss daily. Turns out your dentist was right all along.Studies have shown that regular flossing reduces gum-disease-causing bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and lead to inflammation in the arteries and heart disease. Flossing twice a day is also believed to increase life expectancy. It only takes a minute… it’s worth it.
10. Keep a routine. It may sound boring, but according the research, those who live the longest are creatures of habit. Sticking to the same type of diet and doing regular activities will help ingrain these healthy habits. You should also try to go to bed and wake up around the same times each day; this keeps your body in a steady equilibrium.
-Puja Jaiswal

#NaturalHealth I stay healthy by exercising daily, doing Yoga, eating a healthy breakfast, getting adequate sleep and keeping stress at bay ! Dear Team Himalayan
-Rehana Khambaty




What is the best connection to achieve Natural Health?

#NaturalHealth #LiveNatural Exercise at least 1 hour a day.Eat cleaned fresh fruits and healthy food,Drink lots of water because  Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.Water Can Help Control Calories.Water Helps Energize Muscles.Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.Water Is Great For Detox.Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function.
-Vinod Sapra

#LiveNatural nothing is awesome than a coconut water for which is so refreshing heals number of ailments and cures many skin diseases soothes skin removes acne n pimples restores hydration makes skin glow.
-Shubhi Saxena





For Natural health one must ….

Josephine Sequeira
For #NaturalHealth one must live natural by drinking water ,eating fresh fruits & breathing pure air Himalayan.


Aruna Verma
#Himalayan For #NaturalHealth one must Sleep smart. Getting a solid night’s sleep each night is the key to keeping your body and mind in tip-top shape!#LiveNatural


Sweta Patel
For #NaturalHealth One must Drink Pure and Clean Water, Do Yoga and Exercise daily, Eat Healthy Foods and Spread Love and Happiness all around !