Natural Fitness

To Live Natural is to be uplifted to a constant feeling of health and happiness. People often share their experience of finding happiness at the end of that long trek, a yoga class, a marathon. That which gives you happiness, brings you closer to nature.

Working towards a more fitness conscious lifestyle is not just about your appearance, but a commitment to love your own self so nothing can dampen your spirits. We have compiled a collection of tips and advice by those who truly believe in surrounding themselves by all that is natural.

How many different ways are there to achieve Natural Fitness?

Each and every day healthy people make an effort to eat right and exercise. Eating right is of utmost importance. Exercising daily can become a regular habit, just like taking a bath. People who exercise routinely have more energy to get things done. You live in a balanced way if you do activities in moderation. This means having a balanced approach to work, eating, exercise, watching television, surfing the Internet and so forth. As a result, people will enjoy your company. #NaturalFitness
-Monika Verma

#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
1) Do some sort of exercise while you watch television. Yoga, strength training or aerobics are all good. Also using small hand weights or walking on a treadmill is something you can do while watching television.
2) Implement a walk with your family after dinner.
3) Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
4) Take up gardening or another type of outdoor hobby.
5) Play with children! If you don’t have any of your own, find a niece or a nephew you can set aside a regular day for taking them out for some fun activities.
6) Park your car away from where you need to go and then walk to your destination.
7) Get off the bus or a taxi early and walk the rest of the way to your destination.
8) Keep a pair of athletic shoes in your office and your car. This way you & all always be ready for some activity.
9) If you need to take care of errands such as going to the bank or post office, walk instead of driving or taking the bus.
10) Find a sport that you like and play it with friends, family or neighbors.
11) Play with your pets. Playing with your pets such as dogs or cats is great fun for them and a fun way for you to get some physical activity. 12) Wash your own car. Instead of taking your car to the car wash or paying someone to do it for you, get up early one day out of the weekend and wash it yourself. It will definitely give you a workout!
13) Mow your own lawn. And if you don’t have a yard, volunteer to do it for someone in your neighborhood, such as mowing the lawn of an elderly or disabled person.
14) Take up a team sport such as basketball, soccer or football. Research shows that team sports have additional health benefits that playing a sport by yourself does not have.
15) If you work on the computer a lot, instead of sitting on a chair, sit on a stability ball. Over time, it can help to strengthen your body core and improve your balance and posture all of which tend to decline as we age.
16) Learn a new activity such as swimming or riding a bicycle. While it is important to include natural forms of physical activities in your daily routine such as the ones mentioned here, be sure to also schedule in planned exercise workouts as well. Planned workouts may include visits to your local gym or community center twice or three times per week, or it may be exercises that you can do at home or outside such as strength training, jogging or aerobic exercise.
-Puja Jaiswal

I prefer walking rather using any public transport or private vehicle for short distance. this not only helps me loose weight but also keeps me healthy and fit. I also opt for the stairs avoiding the use of an elevator.#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Deepika Mehta


What's the easiest Natural Fitness habit?

1. Exercise even if you only have 15 minutes to do it.
2. Speaking of,you know that feeling of planning to work out and then not working out.
3. Invest in a fitness tracker.
4. Mix up your routine. Do yoga one day, interval training the next and a light jog the following day.
5. Instead of skipping a workout, focus on how great you’ll feel after.
6. Don’t wait for an occasion to get in shape.
7. Eat healthy and organic food.
8. Work out at home if you can’t get to a gym. Run 10 miles a day.
9. Get a sound sleep like baby.
10. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. #LiveNatural #NaturalFitness
-Puja Jaiswal

#NaturalFitness Habit Easy steps to stay fit & healthy
1)Gets up early in the morning.
2)30 minutes walking.
3) drink 8- 10 glasses of water everyday.
4) 3 meals of the day eats regular on time.( do not over eat)
5) At night sleep on time. Do not stay awake too late . Follow all above steps and live healthy.
-Pinal Dhamsania

#LiveNatural #Himalayan Drink more fresh water and do yoga is the easiest habit of #NaturalFitness #NaturalHealth
-Arun Bala

Be in nature the way nature wants you to be . By having fresh fruits , vegetables and 6 liters of water every day . Also nothing fried , nothing sweet and pure vegetarian . #NaturalFitness
-Ramesh Bhojwani

#NaturalFitness is not tough to achieve.Follow these simple steps and you are a fit person in no time.
1). As the old saying goes ” Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE.
2). Drink 3-4 ltrs. of fluid daily
3). 30 minutes of physical activity in any form daily
4). Eat Natural, eat Fresh
5). Avoid or, at least, Minimize junk food, salt, sugar and oil
6). Be POSITIVE because positive thinking attracts more energy.
7). Last but not the least,SMILE, SMILE & SMILE because when you smile, the whole WORLD SMILES WITH U… STAY HEALTHY, STAY BLESSED.
-Prerna Jain

To remain “FIT FOR LIFE” I do Yoga..Yoga totally boosts my energy “YOGA” is not a religion, it is a way of living whose aim is a healthy mind in a healthy body.The true essence of “YOGA” revolves around elevating the life force at the base of the spine. It aims to achieve this through a series of physical and mental exercises. At the physical level, the methods comprise various yoga postures or ‘asanas’ that aim to keep the body healthy. The mental techniques include breathing exercises or pranayama and meditation or dhyana to discipline the mind. I drinks a lot of water. #LiveNatural #NaturalFitness
-Neelam Sharma

1.Take A 10-30 Minutes Walk Every Day. And While You Walk, Smile.
2. Sit In Silence For At Least 10 Minutes Each Day.
3. Sleep For 7 Hours.
4. Live With The 3 E’s — Energy, Enthusiasm, And Empathy.
5. Play More Outdoor Games.
6. Read More Books Than You Did In 2014.
7. Make Time To Practice Meditation, Yoga, And Prayer. They Provide Us With Daily Fuel For Our Busy Lives.
8. Spend Time With People Over The Age Of 70 & Under The Age Of 6.
9. Dream More While You Are Awake.
10. Eat More Foods That Grow On Trees And Plants And Eat Less Food That Is Manufactured.
11. Drink Plenty Of Water.
12. Try To Make At Least Three People Smile Each Day.
13. Don’t Waste Your Precious Energy On Gossip.
14. Don’t Have Negative Thoughts Or Things You Cannot Control. Instead Invest Your Energy In The Positive Present Moment.
15. Eat Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince And Dinner Like A Beggar.
16. Smile And Laugh More. 19. Your Inner Most Is Always Happy. So Be Happy.
-Sumita Kapoor

My Health My Wealth #LiveNatural #NaturalFitness
1. Wake up early in the morning & sip 1-2 lukewarm water .
2. Start off my day with yoga or Surya Namskar to remain fit mentally and physically.
3. I will eat nutritious healthy wealthy breakfast like oats, leafy vegetables, sprouted food & any seasonal fruit juice or fruit. More trace on home made food.
4. Try to maintain my lunch as well as dinner time & avoid oily food like ghee, fried item etc. Not to eat junk food, canned food. Avoid too much sweet.
5. Drink a 5-6 glass of water everyday to hydrate my body & eliminate toxic substance from the body.
6. Early to Bed Early to Rise.
7. Avoid use of vehicle try to walk & cycling as much as possible.
8. Use eco-friendly products like no plastic bag, only pager bags etc.
Living Natural brings me near to my mother earth making me happy and one with myself.
-Sujata Bansod


How do you stay fit, Naturally?

I stay Fit Naturally By Consuming Natural And fresh Foods and Fruits..I Eat Lots Of papayas and Fibre enriched Fruits For Healthy Metabolism And Green Tea As It Clear Toxins From My Body..One Can Stay Fit Naturally By eating Natural and Fresh Diet #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Sonali Chauhan

To stay Fit, naturally.I believe in following:-
1. A young sports enthusiast in the family, play along. Shooting baskets and kicking a soccer ball around the yard are great ways to get your heart pumping. Thirty minutes of cardio training are okies, but even five to 10 minutes will elevate your energy and speed your metabolism. 2. Take the kids for a walk or just go by yourself. If their pace is too slow, add some lunges, jumping jacks, or running in place every few minutes to make yourself work harder.#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
Pradeep Chawla

I start my day by having an aloe-vera pulp or coconut water or Himalayan water , exercising daily, add healthy fats to my food like extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed, walnuts, almonds. Avocado etc.#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Birju Damani

In order to stay fit naturally just follow these easy steps :
1) Kick out bad habits
2) Get to your doctor regularly for health checkups
3) Sleep soundly for 8-10 hours
4) Exercise daily
5) Eat healthy
6) Never miss breakfast
7) Drink 8-10 glasses of water
8) Express yourself
9) Reduce Stress
10) Maintain consistency & moderation.
Puja Jaiswal

I start my day with Luke warm nibu Pani with honey. Drink a lot of water. I don’t skip breakfast . Healthy and light lunch n light food in dinner. I eat fresh fruits and less junk food to keep myself fit .#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Antara Chatterjee

If you’ve got a young sports enthusiast in the family, play along. Shooting baskets and kicking a soccer ball around the yard are great ways to get your heart pumping. Thirty minutes of cardio training are recommended, but even five to 10 minutes will elevate your energy and speed up your metabolism. Take the kids for a walk or just go by yourself. If their pace is too slow, add some lunges, jumping jacks, or running in place every few minutes to make yourself work harder. Pull young children in a wagon through the neighborhood. Or give them a ride in a jogging stroller. Let little children ride bicycles or tricycles while you jog behind. Get into some vigorous sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. These types of housekeeping chores can burn a significant number of calories. #NaturalFitness.
-Pinky Dholakia

Start my day with a glass of warm water & juice of half lemon to flush toxins out of my system. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables avoid junk food . Regular meditation and Yoga Himalayan. #LiveNatural #NaturalFitness.
-Simar Chugh

I will Start my day by having masala oats and fresh juice. Every one hour drink water and yoga keep me fit n fine.
-Sarika Gandhi

Himalayan We abuse our body to the worst possible extent by eating junk fast food.On top of this we hardly get time to go to the gym. Yoga is the best way to keep your body fit and healthy without going anywhere at the comfort of home just using a yoga mat which is really not expensive at all. The yoga aasana can be done early morning and even during the day time and sparing just 45 minutes to one hour. Yoga is certainly the healthiest and fittest way to live in today’s World not only followed by the Indians but in the World globally #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural.
-Sunita Katyal

1)Eat well like oats,dalia,fruits and green vegetables for breakfast
2)Regular exercise
3)Stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water
4) Always have good thoughts
5)Sleep soundly for 8-10 hours
6)Go to your doctor regularly for health check up
7)Join Yoga classes for maintaining a fit and well composed body #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural.
-Ruchika Anand

I go for a morning walk everyday & i feel more energetic all the day long .I mostly take my dinner with fruits and salads as it helps keep me active and it is easy to digest . This is my daily routine.#NaturalBeauty #LiveNatural
-Vandana Lilaramani

I drink two tumblers of water in empty stomach that help to clean my internal parts,to the maximum I drink more water that automatically help in reducing my fat,after food I drink hot water that it help in quick digestion of oil foods,our body needs more than 90% of water so I drink purified water more which helps me in good blood circulation & prevent from any diseases & keep be active & fresh all day. #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Mary Vijayakumari

I have a tulsi plant at my home and i use tulsi leafs in tea, for making home medicines. I also chew one leaf in a day. Tulsi keeps me naturally fit.#LiveNatural #NaturalFitness
-Sanjana Jain

1. Train for a fun run When it comes to body-shape change, strength training and high-intensity cardio are the indisputable winners. However, for some people, hitting the pavement burns the fat like nothing else. We all know how hard it is to maintain a long-term running program without a specific goal in mind, so look at what fun runs you can enter in your local area. Give yourself at least eight weeks to train and stick to a strict and consistent program. Once you’ve completed it, why not set your sights on a half-marathon?
2. Learn to dead lift To get big results you need big exercises such as the dead lift. It targets the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core. Bending forward gets harder as we get older and back injuries are often due to a lack of skill in this movement. But with a bit of practise, most women can dead lift their own body weight. There’s a challenge for 2012. Just remember, it won’t happen overnight. Build up the weight slowly once your technique is correct. View our video on how to do a dead lift correctly.
3. Go to your full range of motion It’s a lot easier to do a push-up that goes halfway to the ground than a push-up that goes all the way to the ground. The weakest part of a push-up is at the bottom and this is therefore the part that needs the most training. This is the case with all exercises: the deeper you go into them, without feeling pain in your joints, the better your gains will be. Keep reminding yourself it’s not an exercise unless you have taken it through the full range of motion. You’ll really feel it the next day!
4. Do weighted squats It may not sound very feminine, but weight training needs to be high up on your list of training focuses for this year. Strength training burns serious amounts of fat and tones your whole body. Squats are the first exercise you should do. Learn to do them perfectly without weight, then add weights as you get stronger. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. The vast majority of the amazing-looking real women who grace these workout pages are taking this advice. It really does the job. View our videos on how to do a squat and a weighted squat correctly.
5. Do twists Old-school weight machines only move your body in one line. Unless you are completing a rehabilitation program, ditch the machines, use free weights or your body weight and train the way you use your body in real life, by adding twists. A controlled twist is dynamite for your core and obliques. Just make sure you do it with control and you don’t experience any back pain. Bring on that 2012 toned tummy! #naturalfitness #livenatural
-Heena Sehagal Shipra

Good sleep , plenty of water and stress free life are basic ingredient of my youthful and beautiful life. I use ice cubes on my face n walk on green grass daily .. self confidence is also a very huge part of beauty. Which show a natural glow on your face. And i have it..#live Natural #naturalbeauty #naturalfitness
-Sakshi Jain

I stay Fit Naturally By Consuming Natural And fresh Foods and Fruits..Organic products by drinking green tea ,doing yoga,playing with kids makes me feel happy and when u remain happy u feel happy u feel fit ,it’s like doing exercise for ur mind also ,take enough sleep ,drink plenty of water keep yourself stress free. #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Kriti Chhajer

Using my Bicycle to commute to my office once a week & going on a weekend cycling rides with friends helps me stay fit naturally #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Harish Kalokhe

Imran Ahmed
Turn On the Tunes If you typically exercise in silence and find yourself counting down the minutes left, you may want to divert your attention from your muscles to your ears. Music boosts energy levels, motivation and exertion during repetitive endurance activities, according to a report published in the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology in December 2011. Listening to music, a podcast or an audio book can also reduce emotional discomfort common in people just starting out, according to Pavlina Aleksandrova, CPT. To work music into interval training, alternate fast-tempo and slow-tempo songs on your MP3 player and run, walk or bike quickly or slowly along with the beat.#NaturalFitness

Drink Up! Water does more than quench thirst. Proper hydration is crucial to a healthy exercise regimen, says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Drinking the right amount of water before physical activity allows your body to perform properly while preventing dehydration, overhydration, injuries and heat illness. While there’s no specific amount of water that works for everyone, pale or clear urine and a lack of thirst are two signs you are drinking enough. The key is to keep your fluids easily accessible, so there’s no excuse not to drink and stay hydrated,says Heather Binns, a certified personal trainer and wellness educator in Valley Glen, California. She recommends keeping a water bottle nearby throughout the day.

Add Resistance In a study published in Diabetes Care in March 2005, men with Type 2 diabetes engaged in resistance training twice per week without making any dietary changes. After 16 weeks, researchers found that the exercise improved the mens abdominal-fat levels and insulin sensitivity significantly. People tend to underestimate the value of strength training for fat loss, says Heather Binns, CPT. Lean muscle burns more fuel at rest than other body tissue. This means that a strong, toned body has a higher metabolism and a lower risk for excess fat. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults do strengthening exercises, such as lifting weight, pushups and sit-ups, at least two days per week.
-Imran Ahmed

#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural I will Start my day with Luke warm nibu Pani with honey. Drink a lot of water coz Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.Water Can Help Control Calories.Water Helps Energize Muscles.Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.Water Is Great For Detox.Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function.Do not skip breakfast . Healthy n light lunch n light food in dinner. I eat fresh fruits n less junk food to keep myself feet.
-Vinod Sapra

#NaturalBeauty #LiveNatural Himalayan Yoga doing yoga properly eat healthy food live happy and Drinking the recommended eight glasses of WATER Himalayan every day will not only hydrate your skin and other important organs, but also maintain your body’s fluid balance.
-Monika Verma

Natural Clean & Fresh water filled with natural minerals is the essence of life i.e Himalayan..which has its natural
rejuvenating effects.Anything Natural sustains life and is healthy for ones body..The glow of the skin, the positive energy & the natural minerals essential for the body are the secrets to a good & long life.Glow of the skin and the feeling energetic and live once again. #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Kanchan Tathele

#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural I stay Fit Naturally By:
1)Drinking lots of water
2)Yoga and meditation
3)Laughter therapy
4)Daily walk 4 times at least for 45 minutes
5)Always keep positive thinking
-Dolly Shah

I start my day drinking a glass full of water. In this stressful life we can keep ourself fit by doing Yoga. YOGA is necessary, yoga is peace, yoga is spiritual, yoga is different, yoga is a view through serenity.We wake up we plan our daily routine as fast as we can.No disturbance allowed.But as far as yoga is concerned there should be no compromise there as well. A daily time out for yoga is necessary t. It is beneficial in many ways. It regulates air impurities to breathe out of the body to impulse the new throughout.. It collects all the pain that is stored in your joints and bones and exhales it through your body pores. It also happens to enhance all five senses to work more actively.We happen to submit our self to GOD in surya namaskar and bend to our faults and ask for forgiveness.We laugh out loud as much as we can. Drinking a lot of water, doing yoga daily, and avoiding junk foods lead me to a healthy life.
-Neetu Agarwal

Being hygienic should me first step, having healthy environmental conditions that will not allow any disease to enter inside us. Having tonnes of water that will revive us from internally and will help ur body in many ways., obsoleting fast foods that have high calorie intake. And consuming right thing at right time.. In brief having a balanced diet and yes physical workout also. #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Shweta Thakur

I stay naturally by the following,
1.I start my day with drinking 2 glasses of hot water with one lemon,drinking more water is good for digestion and it will helps to stay from so many disease.
2.every day I do walk of 45 minutes.
3.I take my breakfast with fruits and nutritious food like sprouts.
4.I take lunch with salad and butter milk.
5. I eat with distance of 2,3 hours.
6.In short distance I go by walk so it will keep me fit.
7.I always try to keep my self happy and positive,happiness and positiveness is the healthy life style.
8.I take 8 hours of sleep every day. If we all follow these all tips than our family will also be wealthy and healthy.
9.In dinner I always take light food and I take it early it will good for digestion.#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Darshu Barbhaya

Drink At Least 8-ounce glasses of water to stay safe and cool.Because all problem related to our health has a connection between our stomach and mind .You should be positive and an open minded person. Because your real beauty is in you if your mind and stomach become healthy so you will you. Set your mind in a positive mode and enjoy life and use healthy habits in your daily routine #LiveNatural #NaturalFitness #Himalayan.
-Pavni Sharma

I drink a glass of nimbu paani with honey at the morning after a walk at the park. It refreshes my mind. All the meals taken at the right time. Following a strict balanced diet helps me being in shape and a lots of water using natural and homemade products for my skin such as multani mitti etc. And the most important a very good sleep at night.#NaturalBeauty #LiveNatural #NaturalFitness
-Aparna Sant

#NaturalFitness #LiveNatural My Myntra To stay Fit are
1) Regular work Out ( Including Yoga N Running)
2) Drinking minimum 8glass of Water
3) keeping my mind cool and staying positive towards life
4) Improving My eating Habits Saying No to Junk food
5) The Most important Mantra of my life to stay fit is To Travel N Going on Vacations with my Family and Friends Exploring the World
-Vikas Modi

I Believe in living life to it full potential so I start my day with morning yoga to stay fit and active. Yoga helps me achieve control over mind and emotion making me stronger to handle everyday stress and deal with them calmly n patiently. Performing yoga on daily basis keeps me energetic and makes me super mom of two cute son #LiveNatural #NaturalBeauty #NaturalFitness #Himalayan.
-Deepika Mehta

I stay fit naturally by following ways-
1.I do morning walk daily and after that some yoga also.It keeps me fit n healthy whole day.
2.I don’t eat oily and too much of spicy food,that keep my digestion better.
3.I drink a lot of himalayan water and 3-4 cups herbal tea,that help me stay fit healthy.
4.When I go for shopping always try to go on foot that keep me fit and give energy.
5.Most important thing I do to keep fit and healthy is, I always try to be happy and think positive towards life . I always keep a smile on my face because I think it is the key to a fit and healthy life. #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural
-Tahsin Fatma

I keep myself hydrated which flush out toxins from my body and give me glowing and healthy skin – I eat loads of fruits and vegetables – I eat as it is pro biotic.Handful of walnuts and flax seed which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. As I’m a new mom  I go for walks with my baby and do some moves while holding her to stay healthy and fit. #NaturalBeauty #NaturalFitness
-Amrit Jeetla

I wake up early & make time for yoga & exercise. I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. I never miss out on eating my breakfast. Even if i am very late to go to work,I always make sure I have eaten something healthy in the morning. I also include lots of Seasonal fruits & vegetables in my diet. When I am hungry I prefer eating dry fruits as its healthier. I also prefer walking to the shop to buy groceries rather than using my bike. I always think positive & I never let negative thoughts rule my mind. Thus thinking healthy & eating healthy helps me stay fit #NaturalFitness #LiveNatural Himalayan
-Josephine Sequeira

For me “INNER BEAUTY” makes life healthy, pure & beautiful. Inner peace with Smile & gratitude towards life is what, I think is essential to stay naturally healthy.With my tips on how to be naturally happy & healthy is way more interesting than having just a good diet.
Living beautifully with humanity makes life beautiful. So that’s my habits are to stay naturally fit & healthy.
-Mamta Jadhav