The Natural Source

Himalayan is a source water crafted and guided by nature over 20 years through rock, sand and clay and brought to you in its most pristine form. The foothills of the Shivalik Mountain Range plays host to an underground moving stream aquifer. This aquifer is isolated and naturally protected from pollutants by a thick impervious layer of clay which acts as a barrier preventing germs, bacteria, virus and any man-made contaminants from passing through.

It is here that Himalayan natural mineral water is sourced and therefore it is no surprise that every sip allows you to return to nature.

The Himalayan water filters and percolates drop by drop from a catchment area located in a forest reserve far from human civilization and pollution.

Traveling over 20 years through sand, silt and clay, Himalayan water graciously filters its way to an underground aquifer. During this remarkable journey, the water picks up and carries with it essential mineral and it is here that the water acquires its fine and unique taste before reaching the underground reservoir.

The Himalayan aquifer is one of the purest sources in the world and works solely to bring to you the experience of nature in every bottle.