Fact File

Himalayan water wears the label of being the only mineral water brand in the country to maintain the pH level (acidic/basic content scale) of 7.3. So every sip of Himalayan water will be fully accepted by your body and will also enhance its overall functioning.
When you strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is of utmost importance to fill your diet with only the best that is available. 70% of our bodies are made up of water and therefore it becomes imperative to consume safe and healthy water.

Take a sip of Himalayan mineral water which is one of the best and most exclusive mineral water brands in our country and do so knowing that every sip is absolutely safe and healthy bringing to you the best of nature.

pH level of 7.3, you can be sure that every sip of Himalayan water will be fully and completely accepted by your system. It gives you the feeling of being rejuvenated, from the inside out.

Himalayan Water is the only globally-accepted brand in the country that’s been given the thumbs-up of approval by the revered US FDA, Institut De Fresenius, Health Ministry of France and the Health Ministry of Japan.